Self Care may be a catch phase you have been hearing more often lately. Especially as we emerge from the pandemic and its ramifications, we all feel like we deserve a little TLC. This may include getting a massage or a facial, receiving injectable such as botox or filler, getting your nails done or your hair highlighted or taking that yoga class you have been pushing off. At our clinic we aim to eventually cater to the whole person and offer treatments that not only make you feel better about yourself, but also make yourself feel better! After working for over a decade in medicine treating sick people, we want to start helping people who are well stay well. As a first step of many steps to come, we currently offer vitamin injections and infusions that can help bolster your immune system, optimize your Vitamin B12 stores, rehydrate you and even aide of gentle weight loss.  We have infusions that are aimed at muscle recovery and are very useful especially before and after completing that strong man competition or that half marathon. Although we have ‘cocktails’ that are targeted to treat certain conditions, every vitamin injection/infusion we offer will help with mental clarity, increased energy, improved mood and overall increased sense of wellbeing. If you feel that you are ready to treat yourself both inside and out, reach out for more information.